Bitter (Prod. Reklews)

by The Loon Goon

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(Verse 1)
I’m just a bitter bastard, all my friends are killer rappers
Sitting parched in the dark, stalking all their twitter chatter
In their DMs like I wish you’d catch some fucking liver cancer
Missing manners, pissing in these bottles hear the pitter-patter

Wicked laughter, twisted smiles, Gruesome grins and vicious guile
Caution listen to my music, Spits made from the sickest bile
Skittish child, sleep deprived, I’m the one that’s reaping lives
These mousy rappers flee and hide, but I got the eagle eyes

And the claws, and the beak,
You shouldn't try to anger me
Cause if you go and step on toes,
I'll put you on your hands and knees

I'm stealing shows with packs of thieves
Flash drive filled with camera feeds
Rhymers caged in cyberspace
Prized as Slaves like Ganymede

Back where I started like
Palindromes, acting cold
Wishing for a change Imma
Grab a pole crack my skull

(Verse 2)
I don't speak to girls cause if I ever broke the ice,
The ocean tides would go and rise, and most of life would slowly die
Mom told me dress up for the job you want, that's gold advice
At grocery lines with robe and Scythe, while moaning like a poltergeist

Posting rhymes as kick me notes
Replace the face of missing folks
On carton sides with bars and rhymes
starting fights with indrid cold

Who's smiling now, I'm drinking souls
Through eyes and mouths, I'm mythical
A cross between a monstrous fiend
and awkward teen who's miserable

Don't talk to me, pathetic kid, I like being a pessimist
If luck is on the precipice, I'll push it off the edge off cliffs
Drifting like a wishing lantern, brain is filled with cynic answers
Learned that I should limit standards, cause I'm just a bitter bastard


released September 29, 2016
Prod. by Reklews
Mixed And Mastered By Disjointed



all rights reserved


The Loon Goon New York, New York

Hey, it's ya boy The Loon Goon

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